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Let the expert manage your contracts, free up your workload bandwidth, so you can reprioritize and focus on what you do best.

At a fraction of the cost, we help solve your business needs, we do our part so you can do yours.

At MakeITRight Contract Management Consulting, we offer full suite of contract management services to you.

At some point in time along your company growth journey, there will be a need for contract management services. However, as in-house contract management services are niche in the employment market, and that outsourcing this day-to-day contract management function to legal firms often always result in higher-than-expected operation cost. As such, most company directors decide to delegate the tasks to sales or delivery team. This management methodology, whilst helps to reduce overhead cost, comes with serious and long term detriments and repercussions, resulting in conflict of interest, or pursuing profit and closing sales at the expense of company's interest and audit compliance.

At MakeITRight Contract Management Consulting, we are all you need to solve your contract management needs at the right cost to you. 

We provide:

  • Contract management outsourcing services

  • Professional contract drafting

  • Commercial contract advisory services

  • Contract management system integration

  • IT solutioning

Talk to us, we are flexible to offer monthly fixed price or pay-as-you-go pricing mechanism, we will advise you the appropriate price package to suit your needs. 

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Who Are We?
What Do We Offer?

About Our Founder

The services will be managed and supervised by experienced contract management professional:

Kenneth Fong graduated with honors in Law (L.L.B.) from University of Northumbria, Newcastle, United Kingdom. He is an all-rounded versatile and accomplished professional with over eighteen years of working experience in handling complex programs throughout global IT and other mixed industries.

Consistent success in startups and turnarounds. Managed and negotiated hundred-million dollar agreements. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Result-oriented leader with proven entrepreneurial, strategic, communication, negotiation, troubleshooting and analytical skills.