Frequently Asked Questions

For fixed price packages, would there be any onsite attendance to the client office? 

This is subjective. The answer will subject to the following conditions:

For all fixed price packages, as well as other archive or repository including ad-hoc support, the MakeITRight personnel working on the assignment will only attend the meeting onsite if the work requires face-to-face discussion, and that at our opinion, such attendance will help to produce the business outcomes efficiently. Virtual meeting such as Zooms, Webex, or Microsoft Teams can be arranged in lieu of physical meetup.

For customized onshore time and material support, whether or not the person will physically present in client's office is conditional to duration of such support.

For time and material price packages, or solutioning integration, due to complexity of the content to be discussed, the assigned personnel will attend to client's office only for business meetings.

For contract briefing services, due to the nature of services, it will be much effective to conduct this exercise in client's office.


Any onsite meeting will require client's security approval and that the client will assist to ensure, from security perspective, any MakeITRight personnel is allowed to carry with him / herself certain electronic devices such as mobile phone and laptop to the onsite meeting.  


Will you provide an identified personnel to provide the service? 

For all fixed price packages, we will provide unnamed resources to provide the services. This is because fixed price contract is focused on delivering the outcomes to the client, i.e. deliver contract drafting, contract review and commercial advisory services. We will manage the headcount and workload planning supervised by an experienced contract management professional in order to deliver such services to the client.

Our business details are sensitive, how do you ensure the critical business information can be protected?

At MakeITRight, we understand the consequence this may cause if data protection and confidentiality is not complied with. Contract management personnel are professionally trained and will require full compliance to ethics. A standard two-way non-disclosure agreement will be provided by us to ensure all your information provided to us during the course of business are secure and protected, this document will be signed before any disclosure of information.

What is the payment terms?

Standard thirty (30) days payment terms from the date of invoice upon completion of service for that month.

The company is based in Singapore, do you provide services to other countries?

Yes, we do. Most of our services are performed remotely, subject to duration of the services, there will always be a possibility of physical meet up over a flight to client office for critical business meeting and support.

What are the limitations to offshore services?

For certain industries, they are regulated by certain laws. You will let us know your limitations should there be any restrictive cross border confidential information and we will deploy the right personnel to suit your needs.