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You are the client, price is always based on your needs, the fixed price package below comes with certain pre-determined service offering, if you need to customize certain services to fit your needs, or you need time and material rate card based price, contact us here.

Contract Management Outsourcing
Monthly Fixed Price Package


SGD 1,800 / Month

Suitable for business with low volume contracts, this package includes:

  1. Contract drafting or review support, including commercial advice of up to two simple* (2) contracts per month; or

  2. Up to twenty four (24) hours** within a month.

Whichever comes first.


* Simple refers to one (1) or two (2) pages contract document, example: one / two way non-disclosure agreement, teaming agreement, or simple and straight forward statement of work or RFP / RFQ / RFI documentation support.

** Working hours exclude Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.


SGD 5,000 / month

Suitable for business with contract volumes up to five (5) contracts per month, this package includes:

  1. Collaboration with business stakeholders to draft or providing review support including commercial advice, where required, up to five (5) medium* complexity contracts per month; or

  2. Up to sixty (60) hours** within a month.

Whichever comes first.


* Medium complexity refers to contract documentation not more than five pages, example: statement of work with progressive payment milestone and pre-defined acceptance criteria or medium complexity RFQ / RFP / RFI tender review support.

** Working hours exclude Saturday, Sunday or public holidays.


SGD 8,800 / month

Suitable for complex and large value mission critical business, example: master services agreement, price variation matrix statement of work, true up / down commercial mechanism etc. Due to the complexity of contract content, there will be unlimited contract volumes, limited only up to twenty (20) business days* within the month.


* One (1) business day refers to eight (8) working hours, exclude Saturday, Sunday or public holidays. 

Any one of the above fixed price package comes with archive and repository support, which includes advanced contract expiry, termination or renewal notification support. This does not include implementation of software and the cost of software license to be procured.

Contract Management Archive and Repository

Should you only require ongoing contract management archival, repository, which includes expiry, termination or renewal notification support, subject to complexity of the contract management repository sharepoint to be used, you will bear the cost of software and we will help to manage the ongoing contract documentation archival, repository, with email or phone call notification trigger at only SGD 500 per month. This price does not include implementation effort.

Ad-Hoc Commercial and Contract Management

If you only require simple contract drafting support, either to make a one-off reusable template or require commercial or contract management advisory support, talk to us, we will help to assess the complexity of the business and will deploy the rightful matching contract management professional skillset to fit your need.

Contract Management
Solutioning Integration

If you require system integration for business processing, with contract approval mechanism and contract management suite, talk to us, we will need to understand your requirement, and we will help to project manage the entire solution to from data gathering, planning, build, test, go-live, hypercare, and will continue to provide support during maintenance phase.

Contract Management
Briefing Services

When a contract has been executed, many times, the information is only privy to the client personnel negotiating the contract terms. Client employees working on that client project may be delivering the contract without access to the original signed contract, thus causing unnecessary misunderstanding both internally and externally. Similar to knowledge transfer for transitioning phase within a delivery project, it is at our opinion that a company wide briefing to all related client personnel working on that project is briefed so as all the understanding is aligned, especially when a new contract is closed by sales team and handed over to client's delivery team. A contract briefing should be delivered to all the client project team prior to starting the project itself.


However, this service will require further assessment to the complexity of the contract. A fixed fee of SGD 1,000 will be charged for simple or medium complexity contract, whilst a higher fee of SGD 2,000 will be charged for complex contract briefing.